By Ebony Harrell, Claims Manager

Unforeseen events happen daily, and those events can affect business operations – especially during the winter season. Winter brings us wonderlands and cheer, but as Claims Manager of Overmyer Hall Associates, I also recognize winter brings a host of potential hazards to our Commercial Lines clients. Snow, ice, high winds, extreme cold, icy roads, and sidewalks can wreak havoc on businesses. So let’s dive into tangible ways to winterize your business and prevent damage, injury, or common claims due to winter’s seasonal elements. 

What is Winterization?

Winterization refers to the process of preparing your business and business location for the weather winter brings. 

Why is Winterization important?

It can save you money on expensive repairs, lost or damaged inventory, downtime, and lost productivity.

In a sudden shift from COVID-19, we’re seeing an increased remote workforce, which means buildings normally occupied with personnel may be at greater risk this winter. The fewer people on-premises means damage may go unnoticed for long periods of time. For example, it is essential to regularly check on building floors, units, or areas (indoors and outdoors) to ensure a sufficient heat level is maintained. 

Check out our helpful tips on how we recommend our business clients prepare for winter:

Winterization Tips 

  • Maintain all roofs and keep repairs current to prevent roof collapse 
  • Create a contingency plan with contractors for winter emergencies 
  • Monitor building temperature – preferably 55F or higher
  • Insulate pipes with insulation sleeves 
  • Maintain clear sidewalks, parking areas, and entryways from snow and ice 
  • Unoccupied buildings must maintain interior heat and frequent visits to confirm building conditions 
  • Leave the drainage system on a slow drip to prevent frozen pipes 
  • Identify potential hazards for workers both indoor and outdoor to avoid winter weather-related injuries 
  • Initiate an emergency plan for fire, snow removal, and water damage

Regardless of the line of business, applying these preventative measures will help reduce risks of the incoming winter season. Before winter arrives, take time to assess your business and its needs. 

If you do suffer damage this winter, our expert Claims Manager, Ebony Harrell, is here to help. Send us a question here to contact the Overmyer Hall Associates team for more information.

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